La Teca


Tucked away behind ugly Barbarossaplatz, across the road from the lovely Volksgarten, you’ll find the idyllic Eifelplatz, home to one of the best little restaurants in Cologne.

La Teca is a small, corner restaurant situated on the big roundabout known as Eifelplatz, in Cologne’s Neustadt Süd district.

There’s hardly any decent shopping to be had in the area – unless you need to pick up some groceries from Penny or Rewe, or fancy buying a shisha pipe or a new clock – so you probably won’t wander down there unless you’re on your way to the park. But this doesn’t stop La Teca from doing a thriving business both at lunchtime and evenings.

Sit outside, whatever the weather

The secret to its success is its small menu of freshly made Italian dishes, a minimal but cosy wood interior, and a very relaxed bistro-like atmosphere. You can sit outside and enjoy the leafy Eifelplatz and a view of the Volksgarten park, whatever the season, as they offer blankets when it gets cold.

While you’re there – take a peak at the menu of the restautant next door – Casa Di Biase – another restaurant well worth a visit but with a higher price range. Great for business meals and special celebrations – we’ll tell you more about that place at the end of February.

Meanwhile – bypass the horrible Barbrassoplatz and wander into Neustadt Süd for a walk in the park and a spot of lunch at La Teca – you won’t regeret it.


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