The Eis Professor cometh

Ever heard of an Eis Professor? Visit Il Gelato and you’ll get to meet one in the flesh. Cologne Bayenthal’s gourmet ice-cream cafe boasts not only the city’s one and only ice cream professor – it’s also got the very best ‘gelato’ in town.


It seems everyone in town has an opinion about which ice-cream cafe makes the best ‘Eis’ in Cologne. Some say Van der Put in Zollstock (too many ice crystals), others rate Eiscafe Breda, on Rudolfplatz (too creamy). Take our word for it – the best ice-cream in town is in Bayenthal. Which is why you’ll find people queuing round the block for it every day.

What’s so great about their ‘Eis’? The wide range of traditional and unusual flavours are one reason: pear and basil, chile-chocolate, orange-mint and pumpernickel are all on the menu at the moment. It’s also because of the fresh ingredients and the gorgeous smooth texture of both the ice-cream and sorbets.


How do they get it so right? That’ll be the  Eis Professor Giacomo Ferigo. With certificates from the Ice Cream University in Naples, this guy is an expert and he uses his in-depth knowledge to create unusual and delicious combinations – as well as traditional flavours that taste better than any you’ve had before.

Don’t take our word for it – go check it out for yourself. But be prepared to queue – and to pay a mighty €1.40 per scoop. Quality doesn’t come cheap after all!

Address: Il Gelato. Goltsteinstraße 32, 50968 Köln



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