Freibad Vingst

Picture this: a gorgeous sunny day, green hills, trees, a crystal clear lake and white sandy beaches. Out on the lake there’s a floating island where you can sun yourself before slipping back into the cool water to swim back to shore. Sound like a summer camp in the US, or a lake in 2010-08-vingst-26-foto-schrader-wingensBayern with a view of the mountains? Actually, it’s Vingst Freibad and it’s right here in Cologne.

There are a number of different lakes around Cologne, some with nice sandy beaches, others lined with slimy black mud and ankle brushing pondweed; most with a pricey entrance fee or hefty parking rates. That’s why the freibad in Vingst is so good. You can get there by tram and the entrance fee for adults is only €4.80, for kids just €3.90. If you get there early you can bag a perfect spot right next to the water with a bamboo umbrella and free use of a hammock. You can hire sun loungers and there’s a snack shop for ice cream and cold drinks – as well as pommes and the usual Freibad fried fare.

On a bad day it’s a heaving mass of noisy kids and battling sound systems. On a good day it’s an idyllic oasis of calm just on the edge of the city. Get there early, lay back and enjoy.

Naturfreibad Vingst
Vingster Ring
51107 Köln
Tel. 0221.27 91 86-0

Vingst – Linie 9, 153
Ostheim – Linie 9, 151, 152, 157, 191
Kürtenstraße – Linie 153



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