Play it again, and again

Bored? Try a board game! There’s never been a better time to dust off your childhood games and have an old fashioned games night. Scrabble is always a winner. Monopoly will keep you going for hours, days even. But if you feel like something a bit more strategic try ‘Ticket to Ride’ or ‘Zug um … Continue reading Play it again, and again


It’s Tatort time

You know you’ve become integrated into German society when you start watching Tatort religiously every Sunday. Some people love it, others hate it. If you’re not a Tatort fan, it’s possible that Corona will make you one. Here’s why. Tatort (which means crime scene) is a German detective show that’s been running since November 1970 … Continue reading It’s Tatort time

The red rule

Ever been shouted at by a pensioner for crossing the road when the pedestrian light was red? Or worse still, had a kid wag their finger at you for crossing before the green man showed? In Germany there are two reasons why you don’t cross on red. The first can be hard for foreigners to … Continue reading The red rule

Take to the trees

Ever felt like climbing a tree, walking around in the green canopy and seeing the world from up above? If you''re not afraid of heights you can do just that and more at the Hochseilgarten Kramerhof. Featuring tree top walkways, abseiling, climbing, treetop obstacle courses, tightrope walking and rope swings - this is an absolute … Continue reading Take to the trees

Sissi und Fränz

Looking for a special gift? Some shabby-chic furniture, or a really cute outfit for a child? Sissi und Fränz has got it all, and more! Merowingerstraße is full of cool and interesting little shops but one of the best is Sissi und Fränz. There may be shops all over the city selling similar beautiful clothes … Continue reading Sissi und Fränz

Freilichtmuseum Lindlar

You don’t need a De Lorean to go back in time when you’ve got a freilichtmuseum. These are open-air-museums where you can experience first-hand how locals lived in the past. There are two near to Cologne, the Freilichtmuseum Kommern in the Eifel, which is huge and needs a full day to do it justice. Or … Continue reading Freilichtmuseum Lindlar