Take to the trees


Ever felt like climbing a tree, walking around in the green canopy and seeing the world from up above? If you”re not afraid of heights you can do just that and more at the Hochseilgarten Kramerhof. Featuring tree top walkways, abseiling, climbing, treetop obstacle courses, tightrope walking and rope swings – this is an absolute heaven for adrenalin junkies. Everyone is of course safely strapped to safety ropes so there is no risk involved – just a mighty jolt and a stomach in freefall if you lose your footing. There”s a little food and beverage van on hand for those who want to keep their feet firmly on the ground while watching the action up above and it”s child friendly too. Entry is 24 for three hours for adults and 8 for kids. They’re open through Autumn and winter too.

Hochseilgarten K1
Kramerhof 100
51519 Odenthal
T: 02207-847 1440
Email: info@hochseilgarten-k1.de



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