India week in Cologne

india week2

If you are a fan of all things ‘Indian’ you will be in for a treat at the end of June when Cologne holds its 8th “India Week” between June 21 and July 03. The official opening event will be held at the bollywoodRautenstrauch-Joest Museum on June 24 and will be attended by Cologne’s Mayor Henriette Reker and the Indian General Consul from Frankfurt, Shri Raveesh Kumar.

The program is colourful and varied and takes place across a number of different venues and locations in Cologne and Bonn: there are talks and seminars about Budism and meditation; documentaries about life in some less well known parts of India; yoga workshops; Indian dance performances; a guided tour of Rautenstrauch-Joest’s India section; a Bollywood Dance workshop with Madhavi Mandira; a visit to a Siekh temple; a walking tour of Cologne’s ‘Little India’; and much much more.

There are even a couple of events in English – an Indian cooking course and a seminar about the Karma Sutra, it’s misinterpretations and influence on today’s society, by acclaimed author Dr. Sudhir Kakar.

You can find out more by downloading the full program here.


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