Take to the trees

Ever felt like climbing a tree, walking around in the green canopy and seeing the world from up above? If you''re not afraid of heights you can do just that and more at the Hochseilgarten Kramerhof. Featuring tree top walkways, abseiling, climbing, treetop obstacle courses, tightrope walking and rope swings - this is an absolute … Continue reading Take to the trees

Whose afraid of the big bad wolf?

The dense and often melancholy forests of Germany have long been the breeding ground for frightening legends of werewolves, witchcraft and sorcery. There cannot be many European children who have not read or heard of the fairy tale Little Red Ridinghood and been scared by that big bad wolf. When the brothers Grimm wrote their … Continue reading Whose afraid of the big bad wolf?

Let’s get naked in Aqualand

Aqualand is essentially a swimming pool with water slides; but it’s also an imitation-jungle-paradise-beach-club that thinks it’s a healing-spa-sanctuary – at least that’s the only explanation I can find for the hundreds of crystals liberally scattered around the place. You can either drift around in pools – which are saline not chlorinated – or throw … Continue reading Let’s get naked in Aqualand