Lai-de-hao – authentic Chinese food on Barbarossa Platz

laid de hao

Anyone who has experienced China Town in London may sometimes hanker after specialities like crispy duck served with plum sauce and pancakes. I know I did. I visited many Chinese restaurants around Germany but none of them served that particular dish.

Then I found Lai de Hao. Not only do they serve crispy duck the way they do in London, but it’s also really down to earth, with the kind of service you get in China Town, matter of fact and straight forward. And for those of you who aren’t interested in the wonderful crispy duck, there are many more delicious dishes to try.

I love the place. It doesn’t look like much from the outside, and it’s very close to Cologne’s ugliest platz – the grisly Barbarossa – but it’s great value for money, delicious every time and totally authentic. You can even order your food with or without monosodium glutamate.

Visit their facebook page for more information:
Salierring 38, 50677 Köln
T: o221 2053336


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