The Postcard Shop (Postkartenladen)

Looking for the perfect present for a very particular person? There’s a shop on Breite Strasse where I can guarantee you will find that perfect something.

The Postcard Shop used to only sell postcards, hundreds of them. It was a great place to browse row after row of weird and wonderful postcards, you could while away hours in there. Then they started to sell other stuff, sometimes equally weird and wonderful, but increasingly cool and edgy.

It’s my first stop shop for nearly every present I buy. The only drawback about it is there are so many cool things, your EC card will be smoking when you leave, and all your cash gone.

Here are some of my recent purchases: a little sound affect machine with horror film screams, creaks and shrieks; a smart phone projector; a graffiti sticker book with over 500 designs; iron-on t-shirt decals; an old fashioned bicycle repair kit in a tin; a fake Russian passport notebook.

The place is simply brimming with wonderfully cool stuff. And, they’ve still got loads of postcards upstairs as well as hundreds of cards and funky stationary. Present heaven guaranteed.

W. Königs Postkartenladen
Breite Straße 93, 50667 Köln
T: 0221 25085498
Opening times: Mon – Sat 10:00 – 20:00


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