Look into my eyes…


There are all kinds of rules around saying cheers in Germany but the most important one is to make sure you make eye contact with all the people you’re saying cheers to, one by one, as you clink their glass. Why? It’s very simple. If you don’t, you will have seven years cheersof bad sex.

Yep, it’s a fact apparently. I’d like to pour scorn on this ridiculous habit and ignore it, but I’ve yet to find one German person who doesn’t make eye contact over a clinking glass. And let’s face it – who wants to run the risk? If it was just a year maybe. But seven? That’s not the kind of curse you want to incur.

It’s not exclusive to Germany either, I’ve heard the French and the Spanish are into this too. Another little rule to bear in mind when you’re ‘prosting’ your friends – don’t ‘cross’ your glasses with other people, I don’t think this will result in bad sex, but some kind of bad luck is sure to follow. So, ‘Prost’ and here’s to seven years of great sex!


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