Off Broadway


Like to watch movies in their original language? Most English speakers in Cologne go to Metropolis to enjoy a film in its original language, but there is another option, and not just for English movies.

Off Broadway is right in the middle of the Kwartier Lateng but hidden away in a back yard. Pass through a small entranceway and you’ll find ourself in a lovely beer garden full of shady trees. The cinema is at the back of a glass atrium and bar and although the two screens are small, everything is modern, clean and comfortable.

I don’t want to bad mouth Metropolis because I’ve been going there for some 10 years and I love its chaotic bashed up charm. But the floor could be a little less sticky. As well as a sparkly clean floor, Off Broadway also shows a wide variety of foreign films in their original languages. You can catch some Bollywood movies at the moment, the latest Pedro Almadova film and a bunch of other arthouse movies from around the world.

Find out more here:
Zülpicher Str. 24, 50674 Köln
T: 0
221 8205733


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