A gift card for Kölners


This Schenk Lokal Köln gift card can be used at local shops and businesses all around Cologne and aims to steal business back from online giants like Amazon and bring it back to the high street.

Looking for a gift for ‘the Kölner who has everything’? Schenk Lokal Köln could be the answer. It’s a voucher that can be used at hundreds of local shops all around the city.

Some 120 stores have joined the initiative and it’s not just for shopping, you can also use them in cafes, restaurants, photo studios and even book a boating adventure on the Rhine.


Founder Alexander Strieder, who is based in Cologne’s Media Park, launched the card in April this year with the aim of tempting people away from Amazon and bringing them to the high street.

It’s a great initiative for encouraging people to buy local instead of buying online. By purchasing one of these vouchers you’ll not only find out about loads of great little local shops and businesses, you’ll also be helping our local high-streets to survive and  thrive.

Find out more here: https://www.schenk-lokal.de/


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