HEMA comes to Cologne!


Never heard of HEMA? Well, it’s time to you checked it out! This Dutch retail chain has been big in Holland for decades, selling just about everything you could possibly need for your home, your family and your body!

From kitchen-wear to picture frames, baby bodysuits to underwear, stationery to sweeties, HEMA has it all. The Brits call it a kind of posh Poundland – Americans might compare it to Target. Anyone in Germany familiar with the Tiger store will probably find it similar to that. Only better!

The difference is in the design. HEMA chief executive Ronald van Zetten, says: “Just because it is cheap, doesn’t mean it has to be ugly.” And that’s what’s so great about HEMA. The designs, the fabrics and the oh-so-cute bits and pieces for both adults and kids. I used to treck all the way to Holland just to buy clothes for my children when they were smaller because the clothes weren’t just great value, they were also gorgeous, well-made, and long lasting. Now it’s just around the corner! The German flagship store opened on January 24th on Hohe Strasse and is well worth a visit.



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