Edelweiß Pirates Festival


The Edelweißpiraten Festival takes place this year on Sunday, July 03, in the Friedenspark in the south of Cologne. The festival is named after a youth movement that grew up in Nazi Germany in response to the strict regimentation of the Hitler Youth.

The festival is an annual event and is a wonderfully unstructured and relaxed affair. There are around five different stages and all kinds of food stalls and ad hoc entertainment. It feels a bit like a tiny slice of Glastonbury when the sun shines and attracts over 8,000 visitors every year.

The music is hugely varied, with a lot of local bands but also some international acts. You’ll hear everything from punk to ska, gypsy music to folk music,  reggae to jazz and blues and much more besides.

It’s free, it’s fun and it’s great entertainment for everyone.

You’ll find more information – and the line-up when it’s ready – here: Edelweißpiratenfestival im Kölner Friedenspark


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