Rocking on down to Christmas Avenue


Rudolfplatz Christmas market and neighboring Christmas Avenue are well worth a visit for the standard Christmas market fare, albeit in rather different shapes, colors and sizes.

It’s our last Christmas market tip – and although the Rudolfplatz Christmas market is not what we’d call the ‘best’ Christmas market in town – it’s got a lot to offer. Firstly, it’s small, so you won’t be stuck in a milling crowd for hours, and can grab a cheeky glühwein on your way to do some proper shopping.

Even better, especially at night, is Christmas Avenue, the LBTG Christmas market next door, which is bursting with color, music and lots of phallic shaped waffles and sweets.

The more traditional Rudolfplatz Christmas market has a fantastic Christmas bauble stand. Here you’ll find shiny glass pickles, jellyfish, birds and all kinds of weird and wonderful shaped baubles and trinkets to hang on your tree. The Christmas market also has a carousel for the kids and some delicious food stands.

The best pink glühwein in town

Once you’re done with the traditional bit, pop across the road to the Bermuda Triangle – between Schaafenstraße and Pilgrimstraße – and enjoy a thoroughly gay experience.

Pink is the color, fabulousness is the game. You won’t find a friendlier Christmas market and the gift selection will inspire. Last year’s ‘dick’ memory game was a highlight. This year you can buy some golden willies for your book shelf. Don’t forget wash your dick-shaped waffle down with a glass of pink glühwein.


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