The evil Weihnachtsteller


You expect to put on a little weight at Christmas. But here in Germany you’ll start piling on the pounds right from the start of the month, and this plate of delicious badness is the reason why.

The Weihnachtsteller is a bowl or plate full of chocolates, cookies, sweets and maybe the odd nut – that’s put in the living room, waiting area, office table, and generally anywhere where people might congregate from the start of December through to Christmas Eve.

A sugar-fueled Christmas snack bar that never runs out of goodies

Forget your diet – forget your will power. Even if at first sight there’s nothing on there that tickles your fancy – or even anything you vaguely recognize because this stuff only turns up at Christmas; before long you’ll discover something on that plate that you cannot get enough of. Marzipan potatoes? Don’t turn your nose up till you’ve tried them. Almonds covered in cinnamon flavored chocolate – bring ’em on! And Vanilla kipferl? Get in my belly!

The Weihnachtsteller is evil – and delicious – and it’s never empty, so get stuck in.


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