Sissi und Fränz


Looking for a special gift? Some shabby-chic furniture, or a really cute outfit for a child? Sissi und Fränz has got it all, and more!

Merowingerstraße is full of cool and interesting little shops but one of the best is Sissi und Fränz. There may be shops all over the city selling similar beautiful clothes and baubles – but when Sissi und Fränz opened some 10 years ago, they were the first and the best!

The outside is painted an un-missable bright turquoise blue. Inside you’ll find gorgeous shabby chic furniture, expensive but very lovely kids clothes and toys, as well as lamps, pictures, material, pictures, cards and oh-so-much more.

Anja Hoffmann runs the shop and also renovates some of the furniture herself. You can visit her website to order direct or commission your own unique statement pieces.

The next time you go for a wander in the Südstadt, pay a visit. Sissi und Fränz probably won’t have anything you need, but it’s very likely to have something you want. (GP)

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